Winterized. Wait? What? Yes, it’s that time when we have to get ready to collect our nuts like little squirrels and prepare for the cold winter ahead. And I mean literally! I recently decided, don’t ask me how, to amp up my physical health. I hadn’t been sleeping well lately, and my lower back was in a lot of pain. A friend of mine was venting over the telephone about how bad he was feeling and how he was going to do the “C”! The “C word” what? Not that “C word” but, a COLONIC.  Being an incredibly curious New Yorker, I decided to go and try one too. I can barely stand a dentist appointment as my thresh hold for pain is about a 2, but I buckled down and put my fear away and went for it. The results were literally crazy. My stomach felt soft and I literally lost 5lbs of who knows WHAT!!! My eyes are clearer, my skin is fresher. I even went on a run and felt like I was a gazelle rather than an Oompa Loompa. I’m not telling you to run and get the C, but I am encouraging you to eat well and treat that body like a serious engine. Dine farm to table, cook for your family, drink a glass of Green Vibrance everyday, and remember what you put in your body is the energy you will get out. Now that you’re looking good from the inside out, amp up your workout wardrobe with color and pattern. I love mixing it up. We got this…



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