Thankful giving day 2020.
This year, we all experienced an unexpected speed bump. We have survived loss, sickness, loss of jobs, and loss of income- but we have also secured memories with loved ones, friends, and family that will never come again.
I call this a thankful giving for we are so thankful to be able to give the gift of love, appreciation, and kindness to ourselves and others.
I spent a portion of my Thanksgiving reaching out to people whom I care about, and whom mean a lot to me: friends, family, co workers, and my ex boyfriends whom I adore.
In the spirit of the holidays, let’s all reflect on what we can do to help others. I’m thankful for you. I’m thankful for being able to see my 89 year old father, to spend time with my twin brother and his family, and even to drive 20 hours with my youngest daughter to see my family in South Carolina- her playlist is incredible. Give the gift of gratitude to yourself and others. Wearing @madewell on KKB, @RALPHLAUREN on Teddy @ullajohnson on Sea. Xx

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