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TEN QUICK FIRE QUESTIONS by @real_housewives_love

1. What is my favorite franchise?

KKB: I love Beverly Hills. It’s like watching Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

2. Whats your favorite part of filming a reality show?

KKB: I loved the actual filming. It was fun to see how these women respond when the cameras turn on.

3.How many hours does it roughly take to film a season?

KKB. I filmed almost 6 days a week, and like 5 hours a day. My role was really as the filler. So I filmed a lot of scenes that most of the women wouldn’t or didn’t have to… So, I saw A LOT. 

4. Whats the hardest part of filming a reality show?

KKB: It was hard for me to see and be apart of a full blow out arguments and then go for drinks after when the cameras were off. I am always the same and very sensitive ( guess you could say not so thick skinned). So, for me, to not be upset when the cameras go off wasn’t easy.

5. Who was your favorite housewife to film with?

KKB: My favorite is Luann. We are really friends and as you can see from our scenes, they are real. I felt comfortable opening up to her a lot on camera. I had no reason not to. I was inspired by our scenes when I was writing my first novel: A DANGEROUS AGE. 

6. What city would you like to see join the franchise?

KKB: I feel like there is a lot of amazing women in Palm Beach. Those snowbirds are Epic.

7.If you had to swap places for a day with any of the housewives from another city, who would be and why?

KKB: It would probably be Kim Zolciak. I always wanted to have more children and Im a huge sportsfan. I love the way Kim puts her children and family first. She’s a beauty with an infectious spirit , and has an incredible family life. I also love her taste in amazing accessories. She’s a sexy fun mom. I think shed like a lot of the items on my marketplace www.kellykbensimon.com. We both like good quality and a little jazzy.

8.Which housewife would you like to see return to the housewives franchise?

KKB: NYC should def bring Jill Zarin back. She’s the mama bear of NYC, and showed a lot of clarity and love. She’s also authentic to NYC!

9. Most memorable filming moment of yourself?

KKB: I loved filming the pancakes scene with Sea and Teddy. I’ve gotten a lot better in the kitchen after shadowing NYC most renowned chefs for my new novel which comes out this Spring: A SECOND COURSE. I also like ‘I’m up here and you are down there. It really got an an incredible rise out of the fans. It made a lot of people think… I tell my girls to always be the best version of themselves and to strive to be UP HERE! Bad behavior is always down there!

10. Whos your favorite housewife of all time?

KKB: Jill Zarin.should be back! She keeps the women real and challenges the producers to be better/more creative. Its not an easy job to create this kind of docusoap ( seven story lines and one major story). I also appreciate that she has the same life on and off camera. I think thats really important on reality to have synergy with your on camera and off camera life. She’s an amazing woman. 

KKB: What were your favorite moments?


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