Sultry Sombre

Sultry Sombre: Fashion trends are ever changing and ever evolving, and hairstyles are just as, if not more fluid… My hair, like many girls, is my signature. So that means that I tread lightly when it comes to embracing hair trends. I tend to straddle the lines of blonde and brunette in terms of defining my locks. But who says a girl can’t have and embrace both? Ombre has been all the rage and so many stars pull it off effortlessly, hello Khloe Kardashian! However, I was a bit nervous to delve into this trend head first, pun intended. SO when I heard about Ombre’s quieter, dare I say it, classier cousin, Sombre, I was ready to court. Sombre is a more subtle version of Ombre where the two colors mesh into one another more gradually with the help of some subtle tones in between to make the marriage work. This trend is here to stay, at least on my head… Now when people ask me if I am a blonde or brunette, I can coyly respond, both… Kkb






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