ROGUE MODERN: The real Charles Gwathmey

ROGUE MODERN: Once upon a time there was a style of architecture called MODERN. Homes, apartments, and even hospitals were build in this new and unusual style. Two epic apartments which are recently on sale in New York happen to be MODERN and very impressive. There are a few techniques Gwathmey used that create a Gwathmey-esque environment. White walls, horizontally voluminous spaces, parallel hallways, Lurton lights, smoked glass, and the use of space which harmoniously balances the living space and the entertaining. As I venture on my new journey to find the most beautiful homes for my clients,  I find myself so pleasantly surprised that the well regarded Gwathmey aesthetic has been purified and respected. I drive by one of his buildings which connects Astor Place adn Cooper Union, every morning, and am charmed when I see his family home ( which he built in 1958) in Amagansett on my way to Montauk. Gwathmey knew balance, and he created open spaces that you wanted to live in. Everything has its place, and in 635 Park avenue, he even added feminine volume to a wall to allow for a shower in one of the children’s bedrooms. In the gymnasium renovation at 240 Centre Street, Gwathmey took a massive uncontrollable ceiling and turned it into a on of the most beautiful concert hall like living rooms. Its as if he knew how to filter only the beautiful sounds people made. And even when that living room is packed with hundreds of people, its as if only two are talking. I hope Ive inspired you to look into the world or Gwathmey. We all need to remember it was in 1968 when Gwathmey knew that aesthetics needed to change. In 2018, we are still in awe of his vision and incredible femininty he brought to the color white with robust columns and curves where you least expect them. Send me any of your Gwathmey stories on twitter or instagram, or send me your favorite Gwathmey work. …xx kkb

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