Reza Samadi’s Top 10 Essentials

Phone/iPad – I’m always on the go, and need to stay connected.

Passport – what’s life without travel?

Running shoes – one of my favorite feelings is a runner’s high. Can’t live without it!

Gym – Staying active keeps me focused and is my main form of stress relief.

Tennis racket – One of my favorite sports to play…and watch.

A good pillow – No good night’s sleep is complete without a solid pillow!

Air conditioning – I love the hot weather, but in the Miami heat, this is an absolute must!

Blueberries – I will eat blueberries over any candy. It’s my favorite indulgence.

Persian food – okay, maybe this is my actual favorite indulgence. I’m Persian, and can’t live without our cuisine.

Ocean – I love the sight, the sound and the smell of an ocean breeze every day.

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