One More than Zero

ONE more than zero

th-2See ya January. How did we do? Did you stick to your regime? Did you try SuperElixir and not drink alcohol during the week? I get a lot of requests about what I do to stay trim. A lot of you know, Im not eating dairy. Well, not everyday like I used to. I have really cut down and so has my waistline. I also have been drinking Green Vibrance and or Elle McPherson’s Super Elixir in the am, and then I eat my fruit and drink my coconut milk latte. Since December, Ive been wearing Spanx. They are really good for smoothing out your waistline and are a warm under layer under my Wolford body suit. Truth be told, I have honestly been wearing bodysuits all my life. I wore them as a model on my castings for it kept a clean line, and was body conscious so the client could see what my body looked like-remember this was the 90s which seems like the ice age. Clients wanted to see what your body really looked like so we’d have to wear body forming clothes on castings, and always all black. So basically we looked like waiters on the subways walking to castings.  (Note, most waiters and or bartenders wear black as their uniform). I literally remember wearing bodysuits like crazy, and welcomed the weekend when I could cuddle in my grey cashmere vneck- which Sea took to college She calls it my modeling sweater. I then brought the body suit back in 2016 when I was doing research for my food novel The Second Course and shadowing chefs in the kitchen. Then, I wore all black in case they wanted me to help out in the front of the house. Being a chef isnt just about the food, its also about the restaurant as a whole! So the bodysuit has been creeping back into my wardrobe. And the Spanx really helps give you a softer line. And if you are trying to lose weight, wearing Spanx can help as it shows your brain what you body looks like tightened up, and it looks good! So why one more than zero? When you have the mindset to take care of yourself you need to start somewhere. Spanx is one. No dairy is another. And, if you don’t drink for a few days in a row, you let your body relax, your mind relax, and your spirit and well being changes. I need to be focused during the work week. I have a busy work schedule, and my youngest daughter is winding down her high school year. Its important that we are on the same schedule. And honestly, Im excited about all of my possibilities, and I don’t like clouding the best version of me with drinking. The weekends you can have margaritas, sleep in, and relax. The week is for accomplishments. So try one day without drinking. then try two, and then three. Try one morning with a green juice, then two days… and try not eating dairy one day, then two… One day is more than not doing it at all. Baby steps. We got this. One more better than zero.

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