NEW YORK STATE OF MIND: NEW YORK CITY is opening PHASE TWO on MONDAY JUNE 22,2020. I’m nervous and Ill tell you why. My daughter Teddy and I flew back to NYC on Sunday, and its been a very interesting on boarding. I thought NYC was going to be a dark and scary place, and it ended up being warm, sunny,and quiet. It felt more like a holiday weekend, then it did anything else. Yes, restaurants and bars are boarded up, but there is a calmness that is very attractive about the city that never sleeps. The West Side Hwy is bustling with Millennials who are desperate to connect and flirt, and everyone on the streets are wearing masks. It’s been an interesting few days and I’m proud to be back in the city. I just hope the opening of the city means that everyone will continue to be mindful and respectful of each other’s space. It’s important we take what we’ve learned, and apply those new rules to our new normal. I’m excited for the city’s new energy. I think the Big Apple will appear less threatening, and I think those who are staying are here for the right reasons- they need their art, culture, publishing, finance, sports, theatre, and entertainment. We also have some of the most beautiful buildings built by phenomenal architects. I’m so proud of our city. Welcome back.

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