MY best revenge


Healthful living

Living well is the best revenge. Ive learned a lot from others about treating your body right. There is no mistake to why I fell the way I do. I eat as clean as possible. My younger daughter and I try to eat gluten and dairy free-though I did eat nachos last Sunday! And Im very regimented about my vitamin intake. I know that I cant stop the aging process, but I can grow older gracefully. Here are a few of my insider tips on how to maintain a healthful lifestyle.

1.I love Daily Harvest from which happens to cost $6.99 a meal! My favorite is cauliflower and pesto. My youngest daughter Teddy loves the acai and cherry smoothie, and we both secretly check the freezer for who has eaten what!. 2.I drink the Green Vibrance probiotics superfood every morning, and I swear that I can feel my body getting nourished. 3. For my hair and nails, I swear by Nature’s Bounty Hair and Skin gummie vitamins. They really taste like candy, and they have helped grow my hair out. I started using them after I took out my extentions, and the quality of my hair is incredible. Collagen powder is my new love which is packed with protein and amino acids. 4. The Bio Optimal brand is a superfood which has similar benefits to bone broth and gelatin. Its dissolves in hot or cold liquids, and helps to maintain healthy skin, hair, and joints.

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