JUST in case you are wondering: KKBLOVES YOU. What does that mean? As an editor and all around curator of amazing and cool undiscovered things, I decided to share all my loves with you. But it doesn’t stop with my loves on instagram. in fact I made a sweatshirt and a teeshirt for you! Yes, I wear workout leggings and sweatshirts all day long when I’m not working. I try to be a super mom just like you, and have to get my workouts in daily to keep my head clear. And, I honestly just like to be comfy while Im writing about what I love; real

estate, fashion, food, exercise wear , exercise trends, travel, accessories, anything teenager, dog products, and home goods( especially cleaning supplies!). If you are a fan of the amazing DONALD ROBERTSON, and a fan of what I love and stand for, then come on board and lets get cozy together. Fluff is not included.

Message me on instagram for sweatshirt and product pricing.





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