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Happy first Monday of January! This morning I took my seventeen year old daughter and I to Barry’s Bootcamp and for a Green Juice, all before 9AM! As you know, I am not a big resolution person, I am more of a solution person! This Fall I ate too many cookies, more sushi rolls than I should have, and found myself indulging in wine time. While I was on vacation with my younger daughter, she asked me if we could go on a cleanse together. I said, “Sure!” but only as long as she joined me at the gym everyday while we were on vacation and ate like me! By the time we left, my Teddy said she was feeling better and even wants to add some blonde to her hair… She hasn’t brought up the cleanse! Sometimes it’s not about loosing the weight as much as it is about refocusing your energy into the people and things you love. I wrote, I Can Make You HOT, not because I was going to steam up this blog, but because I wanted to explore Healthy Options Today. The book is packed with tricks on how to dress to look thinner and how to eat well all the time. I believe, like with clothes, you should always have a uniform, something reflective of your own taste and lifestyle. I feel the same way about food, if you like spicy, eat tons of spice, if you like carbs, eat them during the day. Food choices are like life choices, if you make good ones it shows! Let’s embark on this fitness journey in as fun way as possible! If you’re not having fun, I’m not having fun! No one wants a bored Kelly! Let’s do this! Feel free to tweet me, instagram comment me as much as you want. Everyone needs a partner in fitness crime! Who knows I might even need you!







Kelly Bensimon out for an evening jog



KELLY BENSIMON in Leggings ant Tank Top





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