Jenny Roher’s Top 10 Essentials

1. Triple shot La Colombe cans and my Nespresso are critical. Caffeine is key. I am powered by coffee. It’s how I grew up, my mom is European and sipping on espresso throughout the day is part of the culture. An evening espresso after dinner then bed was a regular occurrence in my home.

2. My passport! I have a passion for traveling. I have lived and worked on three continents. Traveling is incredibly important to me. The places I’ve lived and traveled have changed my life. I have a deep appreciation and understanding of the world around me as I have seen things from the lens of other people from around the world.

3. Spotify, Spotify, Spotify. I listen to about 73 days worth of content on each year. I mainly listen to podcasts – I want to continuously learn, grow and this is a great tool for me to access a variety of different topics, perspectives, and educate myself. I love listening to the WSJ, The Daily, HBR, School of Greatness, and in terms of music – it varies but currently binging Motown music. It speaks to my soul.

4. My gym membership. I care a lot about health and wellness. I workout 6 days a week at Equinox. I am usually up at 5am in the morning to head to the gym. I need it as my reset, to gain energy if I am running low or exert energy that I need to release. The gym gives me the mental space I require in order to head into the day and give my best.

5. I don’t go anywhere without Anker, my portable charger brand of choice. Being in real estate I am always on the go and operate on my phone for most things. It’s important that I keep maintain a good amount of battery life. I have used a portable charger for years and would recommend that everyone invest in one.

6. Sneakers. I am a Brooklyn girl and grew up in the height of the early 90’s sneaker culture. I usually have multiple options of sneakers on hand. A pair of Jordans, a Nike training shoe, and Common Projects. You never know what the occasion calls for.

7. Green tea eye patches from Amazon. It’s rare when I get a full 7-9 hours a night so I need all the reinforcements I can get and they give my eyes the boost they need. I am usually short on time so I throw them on during my train commute in the morning or when driving. Yes, I get looks on the train. I gotta do what I gotta do!

8. A sturdy backpack. I have purchased a luxury backpack from Caraa and it has been transformative. It’s chic, durable, and holds absolutely everything I need for my day. Clothes, computer, makeup, shoes, you name it, it’s in there.

9. A notebook – a moleskin or my monogrammed planner from Leatherology. My phone is great but there’s nothing like taking handwritten notes.

10. HEADPHONES!!! I always have AirPods and corded headphones with me. Both options are a non-negotiable especially as I’m either on the phone, listening to a podcast or music. When I’m traveling I have my industrial looking Marshall soundproof headphones with me. It blocks the noise beautifully and it allows me to relax and unwind on a plane.

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