Haute Hollows Eve


Haute Hallows Eve: Two Halloween notions that are common but need to be totally thrown out the window, are 1) That Halloween is just for kids. and… 2) That you should dress up as something scary! While I get where both ideas come from, I think Halloween is for everyone! Who says that you have to dress up scary on All Hallow’s Eve to scare away spirits? I think you should dress sexy and dare I say it? Seduce them! Legend has it that this is the only day of the year they appear so why can’t they enjoy themselves? Over the years, I have had the best time indulging my sweet tooth with a plethora of fun costumes and candy, alike. Among the Halloween hall of famers, are celebs like Khloe Kardashian, Kate Hudson, J.Lo, Rihanna, Cynthia Bailey, and Kim Zolciack-Bierman. Embrace your inner kid, and abandon insecurity for one night a year. Stay out late, eat too much candy, and wear a your shortest dress and highest heels! Kkb


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