Hampton Classic Happiness


I can’t believe that I am riding well enough to compete in the Hampton Classic this year.
This summer I went with my best friend to hack one of her horses and was introduced to one of the most amazing trainers who I have been in awe of and have watched ride for years. I was finally in a lesson with her literally because I was riding my friends horse. The fear, anxiety, and excitement were overwhelming but oddly empowering. I rode the best that I could and (was sweating like a crazy person), at the end of the lesson, trainer Laura Bowery asked me to come back the next day to the picturesque, Applewild Farm to ride. I was asked BACK!!!
Since that day, I have been riding every weekend and riding and hacking any horse that needs to be exercised. And when I’m in the ring for my lesson, I feel so committed to doing well that nothing else matters but the connection I have with the horse and the ‘hugs’ I give him with my legs. I also sing, ‘O Mexico’ to myself to keep rhytmn, but my daughters affection for ‘WHIP IT’ continues to pop into my head. So thats what I’m jumping to recently.
This weeks lesson was a life lesson. Laura isn’t only a trainer, but also she’s also a mentor.
Here’s why:
Laura Bowery‘s today’s 3 points.
1) Always maintain a ‘quiet connection’ with the horse.
2) A good pace will help in determining the quality of the jump
3) Most important….. Riding is a MENTAL sport; your thoughts, good or bad will resonate to your horse. Relax, breathe, and BELIEVE in yourself and your horse!

When you are connected to what you believe in, good things will happen. Stay on a solid pace in your life. Don’t stop and start or push too hard, just try everyday to do something, and finally believe in yourself. Successful people believe in themselves. They don’t only dream big, but they focus on what they want and they go for it.

This summer has been life changing. And I cant believe I’m able to do what I love. No one has it ‘easy,’ I hope I can inspire you to dream big over the next few weeks as my horse and I take this incredible journey to the Hampton Classic together.
I will continue post lessons from my lessons, what I eat, and my exercise/sleep routine, so you can get a glimpse into how I train for such an incredible event!’







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Caught, post riding with my new KiKi Bag from my collection at www.kellykbensimon.com

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