As construction rises literally and figuratively uptown, the downtown charm gets cooler.

There’s always been an allure to downtown GREENWICH VILLAGE. Actors, musicians, and artists have always flocked to the low key and understated vibe that looks and feels like a little village. Whether its the close proximity to Washington Square Park or New York University, the Village is the new neighborhood where New Yorkers are moving to. Tree lined streets transcend you to feel like you could be in Saint Germain as you dine in the most innovative outdoor installations for brunch or dinner -make it perfect for people watching, and a great place to call home- small town vibe coupled with chic & charming in a big city.

Here is a list of a few of my favorite restaurants in the village:

Carbone Nyc 181 Thompson Street (Italian)

By Chloe for vegan sweets 185 Bleecker Street

Bar Pitti 268 6th Avenue (Italian)

Charlie Bird 5 King Street (epic wine list)

Sushi Katsuei 357 6th Avenue (best Omakase)

Murrays Bagels 500 6th Avenue (bagels made from NYC water, need we say more!)

Minetta Tavern 113 MacDougal Street (best burger)

DM me Picts of where you love to eat in what New Yorkers call, the Village.

xx KKB

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