Garden of Dreams Prom

For some kids, Prom is simply right of passage. For the amazing kidlets at Madison Square Garden’s, Garden of Dreams Foundation, it is so much more. Many of the kids have survived hardships that go way beyond their years. When speaking and interacting with them, it is astounding and touching to hear their stories. I am honored to lend an ear and maybe some advice. However, what I learn from them is so much MORE. They are wise beyond their years and I am ecstatic to witness the dynamic adults they will become. The beauty of the Garden of Dreams Prom, is that it allows these kids to just be KIDS! And have fun! With the help of supporters like Bumble and Bumble and Mac Cosmetics, we strive to make these teens feel like the superstars that they ARE! Watching their faces light up and witnessing the ear to ear smiles is something forever etched in my memory. Year after year, the folks at MSG make this a possibility with one goal in mind, FUN! Let the kids be kids, they have the rest of their lives to be adults. xo Kkb







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