First Ladies Club

Will the real first lady, please stand up? After Ivana Trumps controversial, but very amusing, GMA interview many of us may have been left wondering, who is the real First Lady after all? Is it Ivana, Ivanka, or Melania? In my opinion, all have impeccable style and are beautiful women! Politics aside, style is bipartisan! I have always been an arbiter of American Style, and all the glamour this trio has been bringing to the White House is certainly a glittering escape from the everyday! Power suits reign supreme with the Trump ladies, paired with a pair of great heels. The takeaway for us civilians, is the tailoring! While a suit might be a bit much for everyday wear, but a great tailored blazer with jeans and heels is effortlessly chic. The upswept hairdos are timelessly elegant and I’m feeling inspired to put my hair up for date night. I could take it a step further and really embrace my inner Ivana, with a younger man on my arm. Ha! Amp up the glamour regardless of your political persuasion. Kkb









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