Because you guys are always asking me FALL FASHION, I decided to film a podcast and write a blog about what we should be wearing this FALL. I have a lot of ideas for you.

  1. What Luxury items are you loving this FALL 2021?

This Fall,  I am in love my with 90s. My new Celine wool top coat, Isabel Marant Zebra boots, any oversized jacket, Logo sweaters from Prada and Frame (The Ritz Paris collaboration), and American Style in denim- no G- strings allowed.

2. What affordable Fall items do you recommend this season?

Anything with color!!! This season we are seeing bold colors from Zara – HOT red and purple are key colors. We are also seeing new neutrals in leather from Walter Baker.

3. Why did you decide to start your new shearling line ENVILLE, with Pologeorgis?

Outwear lines need to speak to fashion!  During the winter months, the first thing you see is someone in the coat that they are wearing. I wanted to show off how outerwear can be fashion forward and comfortable, too.

4. What colors are we seeing in fall fashion this year?

We are seeing HIGHS and LOWS of bold bright and cozy neutrals. Check out the sweater sensation from Banana Republic. 

5. How can we stay stylish as the temperatures drop?

You must layer!!! In the cold weather, we are seeing people layering with vests, blazers, and gorgeous sheet turtlenecks. Add a cherry on top with a cozy scarf from Acne studios. 


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