Did You Know? The Fat Jewish

Did you know? I’m obsessed with the Proust questionnaire by Diana Vreeland‘s epic column in HARPER’S BAZAAR called, “Why don’t you?” One of my favorites was a beauty tip: Why don’t you rinse your hair with camomile tea! I can’t get enough of people, and the best way to find out about who they really are is in a quick questionnaire! Get ready to find out and discover the inner secrets of my favorite people. And yes, I may be chewing gum as these clips are unedited and not filtered.

As you know, I am obsessed with the Fat Jewish! (So are 9 Million people on Instagram) I had the best time catching up with him over a lunch filled with laughs and beers! Afterward we played a quick round of lighting round questions to get his take on topics from food to thongs. Check out the video link below to get his answers:


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