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GUEST blogger: Christine Elizabeth Laprade

Who doesn’t like a hot date night? Finally, an opportunity to try out that sophisticated cat eye you’ve perfected, or rock some glitzy sun-kissed blush or get adventurous with some emerald green mascara to make your eyes pop… While all these are fantastic ideas, it turns out that we can’t use our usual beauty regimen during the cold season. For one, prepping is a MUST and by prepping we mean quenching that dehydrated, dull skin of ours. The culprit? Extreme temperature variations, the wind, too much heat in our cubicle, and most important: not using a specialized cream formulated for the cold weather! It doesn’t matter if your skin is sensitive or oily – there’s a perfect moisturizer out there that will fit your skin type. Winter creates a unique set of skin-care needs. Harsh exfoliation is a no-no during the cold winter months, and switching to a foam-free facial wash is highly recommended in order not to strip your skin from its precious oils.

Once your skin is properly hydrated, you’ll be able to start with a fresh, beautiful canvas! Applying makeup on dehydrated skin is a nightmare, as it amplifies the appearance of wrinkles – yikes! A pro trick: switch your makeup and blush to creamy textures, which will give you a dewy, luminous and sultry complexion –for some extra date-night va-va-voom. Here are a few products that caught our attention and are perfect for a winter rendez-vous.

1.Rich Water Cream by Uriage

Nothing beats a rich yet light winter moisturizer for an optimized beauty canvas. This brand uses thermal water sourced from the French Alps, which soothes and hydrates the most sensitive skin for up to 24 hrs.  Exceptionally rich in minerals and trace elements, this rich cream is the equivalent of a thermal bath, but for your face! Last but not least, it will also revitalize and brighten your complexion.

2.Blue Serum Eye by Chanel

This new eye serum is not only very chic, it’s also infused with several high-performance extracts. Inspired by the four regions in the world where people tend to live the longest (aka “the blue zones”), Chanel chose to include 3 natural ingredients from these blue zones into this new universal serum. At the heart of the formula: green coffee from Costa Rica (to constrict the veins and firm up that delicate skin), Bosana olives from Sardinia and lentisk gum from Greece (which boasts serious revitalizing and antioxidant properties). This will save the day (thus your date) if you’re running on very little sleep and your eyes are crazy puffy. Make sure to apply it all over your eyelids (yes! Especially the upper one) as you gently tap the delicate skin for about 30 seconds- which will reduce fluid build-up.

3.Palette Gold by Guerlain

We love a smokey eye and find that nothing screams “vampy” as much as a smouldering gaze does…  Plus, it allows you to rock a nude lip – we literally mean nude as in no lipstick- so you can pucker up later without risking covering your beau in lipstick marks… This multi-usage palette is particularly interesting as it can be used on the face, eyes, brows and lips! Makes for one savvy purchase. We really dig these 8 soft, fun and shimmery hues, as they’re quite easy to wear and really subtle on the skin, on top of being versatile. And the palette look incredibly posh.

4.#182 Vibrante Rouge Allure by Chanel

Would rather play up your lips? No problem, we’ve got you covered. This newly launched luminous intense lip colour (part of the Neapolis Spring/Summer 2018 collection and inspired by Naples’ ever-changing landscape) is both playful and flirty, and will compliment a sun-kissed complexion (or spray tan, bronzer, etc.) like no other! One word: HOT. You’ve been warned.

5.Nomade by Chloé

This brand new fragrance is both feminine and uplifting.  Its fresh yet woody notes make it the quintessential winter Eau de Parfum. Nomade is essentially a floral chypre composition, with sweet notes of Mirabelle plum, counterbalanced with earthy notes of oak moss and freesia. We’re just as equally obsessed with the elegant and sleek design of the bottle!

6.Fresh Coconut Intimate Skin Care by DeoDoc

We’re not big fans of harsh chemicals in general –especially not down there, and aren’t convinced that our nether regions should exactly smell like a “summer breeze”. That being said, we did come across a super gentle and environmentally-friendly Swedish line that caught our attention and whose products are worlds apart from every basic feminine hygiene product you’ve ever seen at the pharmacy. Formulated by female doctors, DeoDoc offers an entire line of intimate skin care (such as a daily intimate wash, a deospray, deowipes, shaving foam, pre-shaving oil, after shave intimate balm) and not only is their packaging incredibly charming, but their ingredients are good for you, too. Developed by gynaecologists, their hypoallergenic and pH-balanced formulas are infused with nothing but premium & gentle ingredients, on top of being 100% vegan! The compact “refreshing & deodorizing” spray makes it easy to toss in our favourite clutch before stepping out for a night on the town, or for those times when we can’t go back home after work to freshen up. A gentle formula topped with stylish packaging makes it our go-to in terms of modern feminine intimate care.

Rich Water Cream by UriageCHANEL, Blue Serum Eye- photo credit ChanelPalette Gold by Guerlain#182 Vibrante Rouge Allure Le Rouge Intense by Chanel photo credit Chanel  Nomade by Chloé Fresh Coconut Intimate skin care by DeoDoc

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