College Tour 2016


The best way to go college shopping is to head to the school and get a grasp of the campus, college life, dorms, and what makes each school unique. You are going to be spending FOUR years away, so it better be a place with like minded people and with a curriculum you LOVE.

After touring with my two teenage daughters, a lot of the same questions kept coming up. Are sororities important? Are sports important? Is the campus large or small? Sea wants a large campus as that is the opposite of her private school education. But she also wants a very competitive academic school with sororities and a strong SEC football team. Teddy, who was “just looking,” started to fall in love with South. At first I thought, it was her ability to show off her gas pumping prowess, but she really loved the warm weather, Southern hospitality, amazing food, and kind, genuine Southern ladies and gentlemen. Teddy did say she found the men, ‘very attractive.” Who doesn’t?

First on our tour was Auburn University. The campus is beautiful and the student body is charming, good natured, and seemed very engaged even though it was  a few days before Thanksgiving. They do have Greek Life but no Greek housing. I did notice that Starbucks or any food company is an amazing idea as you have over 20,000 students who want to eat/drink all day long for 8 months out of the year. Auburn has tons of amazing food trucks, so delicious food is not an issue. I could see a Sweet Greens making a fortune on campus! -just saying. I did reach out to my amazing twitter followers who always clue me into the best place and give me the best advice. We had the best lemonade in the world is at Toomers in Auburn. We then headed to to visit ALABAMA University and headed straight to the football stadium and to Greek row, which has the most amazing houses I’ve ever seen in my life. Move over White House the Kappa house has one up on you. I even saw the referees in the elevator of my hotel before the Saturday night game. And Teddy and I did got our nails done and we had Saturday AM grits on campus. Tuscaloosa! Yum. Dreamland Barbecue IS a dream. The ribs were a gastronomic sensation! We then headed to Ole Miss campus in Mississippi. The campus including the GROVE and college life is EVERYTHING! The school itself is incredible and the surrounding town is charming and a whole lotta fun. The sororities houses are amazing. Check Instagram for videos. And the girls and I drank tons of sweet tea at McAlisters in Oxford which is amazing to the taste, but heartbreaking to the hips. I love one of the Ole Miss tees that say: “We aren’t snobs, we are just better than you!” My only regret is NOT going to visit William Faulkner’s home on campus. GRRR! We then drove to Columbia South Carolina to see USC, which is located in the city of Columbia. That was a 940 mile drive. We made it, with a lot of sweet tea and 90s on 9 on Sirius radio. Side note: Ted’s an amazing Dj and gas pumper.

USC has an incredible campus and unbelievable Greek Village and Sports management program; exactly wha Sea is looking for. The professors and students were incredible. I can see who’s going to be our next sports agents… We ate at Panera and headed to the competition Clemsen. The Clemsen campus is scenic and incredible. The academics are on point. If your son or daughter gets into Clemsen, send them.  And the Chipolte there is super clean and chic! Wished we could have stayed and seen the this adorable college town at night!Thank you SEC schools for showing off how amazing your schools are to me and my girls. We loved every minute of it.

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