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Losing weight isn’t easy. Getting into the mindset of committing to healthier living isn’t easy either. Everyday we all have to wake up, we have to shower, we have to put on our clothes, and we have to start our days with whatever comes our way. We are constantly reminded of what we should do, and how to be better. But what is it that really sparks us to be better? Some people lose weight when they are in love, some lose weight when they have lost love. I have starved myself when I was a model. I was vegan, vegetarian. I was even on the oatmeal diet, which consisted of only eating oatmeal. And, I even tried the “one muffin” a day diet. I unsuccessfully tried them all. When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, I couldn’t eat meat and I gained 90 lbs. After she was born, I was so nervous about breastfeeding and rearing a child alone while my ex husband travelled that I lost a lot of weight and hair. And with my second daughter, I could barely eat and exceeded weight gain over 90 lbs. My doctor had wrongly diagnosed something about my daughter and her entire pregnancy was fueled with fear. After her birth, I could hardly take weight off, and everyone was asking me if I was pregnant again. My romance with food has been like a cyclical relationship. Id lost weight, then Id gain weight. Every pound was related to /blamed on some experience. I literally woke up one morning, and decided who I was going to be and what she looked like. You can do that, too.

Here are some tips on how to be the BEST VERSION OF YOU.

1. be the person you want to BE.

2. try fruit in the morning, a salad with protein, and a protein and vegetable at night

3. date sugar, don’t marry it. keep your sugar romance to one day a week.

4. nourish your body. one bottle of water before 11am isnt normal. stick to 8 glasses of water throughout the day

5. share eating habits/recipes with friends. you don’t have to be on a diet island all alone

6. if you exercise, you have to eat. there is nothing HOT about exercising too much. Healthful means FULL of health!

7. take your time with eating a meal. there is no race to eat the fastest. if you don’t have time to eat a meal, make a smoothie

8. green is the color of health. eat a lot of it

9. exercise daily. exercise helps you maintain your weight, AND keep you happy!

10. food doesnt make you happy, experiences make you happy. fuel that body and get outside!

we are in this together. one meal at . time. I just finished my salad. DM me for any questions anytime. WE are doing this together.



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