Travel Diary: HOLBOX

HOLBOX is the new Tulum. If you love warm nights, kiteboarding, fly fishing, fresh coconut milk, and tacos head for HOLBOX. Here’s what you do, fly to Cancun, take a bus or rent a car to Chiquila and definitely make sure to bring enough pesos (transfer from dollars to pesos at the airport) to cover your entire trip because credit cards are not widely accepted and there is a 10% charge for use! The food and hotels are not expensive, but running out of cash is a BIG deal! Ok, now head to the ferry to HOLBOX. Hold onto your hat, for its a fun ferry ride. LUUMA, which reminds me of Sean McPhearson’s Crow’s Neck in Montauk, is the hot spot for dinner. It is a shining star among hotspots and could easily hold it’s own in Malibu or Mallorca! …Ask for Phillipe. Beach front hotels like La Palapa are definitely the way to wake up or wind down with a cocktail from Antonio, who is a charming transplant from Italy!. The sunsets are around 6PM and are EPIC. The warm golden setting sun makes you stop and appreciate how lucky we are. Definitely take a selfie for your new profile pic. The nightlife is all about music, mezcal, and a few Sol beers. Friday nights are major for the square as volleyball is a huge event and fun to watch! An absolute must is, Tiburones Ballena, which means whale shark, is named after the amazing sea creatures that you can swim with, but only in the summer. I am obsessed with Mero, which means Grouper, it’s my new favorite seafood dish.  Fresh coconut milk and honey are a plenty from the beach vendors. If you feel the need to exercise, bring a friend, a yoga mat, and head to the beach. Golf carts are the only mode of transport, but I preferred walking around. And if you in need a taxi, they are everywhere. To stay well suited, I always pack bikinis and one-pieces from Melissa Odabash, t-shirts and mini skirts in varying shades of white, and for evenings I love a lace dress with a flannel over it to combat the fresh ocean breeze. Of course, I always pack flip flops galore from Havaianas and St. Tropez Rhondini sandals so my feet can feel a little Mexico too! Embrace your inner wanderlust! Thank you HOLBOX for spoiling me….










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