Style on the Slopes

Style on the Slopes: With each new season, comes a whole new set of sports to keep you fit and active year round. How can you expect to stay bikini ready if you hibernate all winter long? I’ve much confessed my love of SoulCycle and riding horses but skiing is one of my favorite sports and I try to squeeze in a trip to the slopes as much as possible. The added bonus is that my girls love it as well. The Bensimon Ski Mafia… As I enjoy and embrace, The Sporting Life, it is always important to look stylish on the slopes! This season, my go-to ski attire comes courtesy of SKEA Limited, available on my marketplace! After all, who says that only black is aprops for winter sports? Besides being super warm and comfortable, the tailored look of the ski pants and jacket are chic and totally appropriate for an apres-ski latte in the lodge. Whether it’s Aspen, Vail, the Catskills, or Gstaad, skiing is a great way to KEEP MOVING during the cold winter months. KKB Takeaway: You never sacrifice the stylish life for the sporting life, simply combine them! Kkb






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