Tu parle Francais?

The French West Indies are the new vacation destination and for those with antibodies and who are COVID free. 

I’m not going to lie, I was very cautious about flying through SAN JUAN and ST MAARTEN. I found the process and the flights very safe and was happily surprised by all the precautions JET BLUE has taken to provide safety during this time. Teddy and I did double mask it as I suggest everyone should do while they are in flight. Like my father always says, it’s not you I’m worried about, it’s the other people. So, in the spirit of my thoughtful father- be cautious and wear your masks. 

Just a fun anecdote: I’ve been going to St Barths since I was in my late teens as a model for years, and then I went for December holidays with my young children, and now with them as adults. The first time I was there, it was all French food which I had never tasted before as I was a girl from Rockford, Illinois. I remember even their ‘soda pop’ -as I called it -tasted so much different- so sweet, so delicious. 

This time on the island, I ran into a lot of old and new friends. I saw Taiwana — the daughter of the owner of Taiwana Hotel — who is now 34 and has grown children. I also saw the gorgeous blogger We Wore What’s Danielle Bernstein at Nikki Beach with her fun friend group. There is nothing better than a bikini, a glass of champagne, warm salt air, and a mask. 

So,  now that we feel safe, let’s talk food.

Here are a few of my favorite restaurants in St Barths:

Let’s dive into Nikki  Beach. The food there is outstanding! Everything from sushi to their pizzas. It a must do.

Cheval Blanc is amazing for beach drinks or lunch. And the bar area is flanked with LOUIS VUITTONs new baggage collection and their gift shop is the chicest on the island. 

Eden Rock is so chic and fun with incredible pizzas and calamari. Their after beach bar is so fun and their pina coladas are literally spectacular. 

Kinugawa is the best sushi I have ever had. The service is impeccable and the sushi is literally other worldly. I was salivating over the black cod and crispy rice is insane. I loved the food so much I went back for another dinner.

Gypsea lunches are star studded and the most chic beach club vibe on the island. The music is fun- the food is sensational — and the gift shop has the best small gifts for friends and family.

Le Toiny is one of my favorite hotels in the world next to Hotel Du Cap. Let me set the scene- An outfitted vintage Defender 110 takes you to the beach club- which is on it’s own private beach- with the best surfing. The grilled lobsters are tender and incredible. A glass of Minuity rose or a Domaine Ott and a lobster and you are set for the best vacation experience.

LESPRIT is unbelievable and every dish is so tasty. The vibe is very island chic and the food is unreal- I think I used my fingers at one point. 

Maya’s is a family tradition. So fun seeing Maya and Randy. Maya’s food is alway fresh and appropriately seasoned. I feel like I’m in their home when I am there. And it doesn’t hurt when you see the famous chef Jean Georges eating there with his family. 

Le Petit Plage looks over the marina and is a fun and delicious evening. The boats are larger than life and so are the drinks. Mojitos, pinacoladas, and copious bottles of the best wines… definitely a fun spot on the harbor.

I have to mention a few of my favorite stores:

For men: Paasha. Chic and unusual men’s clothing

For women: Lilli Belle. Perfect beach vibes and the best edit of my favorite French designers. 

Thank you guys for joining me on kkbloves. I love sharing what I know and love. 

Be safe, wear your masks, and have FUN!

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