Rocky Mountain High

Hows your ASPEN? Every year since the girls were ONE, I have taken them to ASPEN. I wanted them to appreciate the love the the Rocky Mountains and vacationing together-sharing memories. This year, my girls and I stayed at the incredible Hotel Jerome. The service is amazing and the chocolate chips cookies are unreal. We wore this cool brands Im obsessed with: SKEAltd, and Bespolk made Teddy a hand knit hat that says TRINITY! Our food haunts are simple. Daily we eat at Bonnies. Their desserts are homemade and delicious and my girls love the vegan choices. We always stop at PERFORMANCE Ski to see my great friend Lee Keating and her beautiful daughter Dairrin Bowers. Her instagram is EPIC. Casa Tua, Campo de Fiori, and Matsuhisa (NOBU Aspen) is unreal.  The skiing  was amazing and the first tracks were so gorgeous and powdery, I couldn’t believe how incredible the moment was- my two girls and me skiing in fresh powder. I also became obsessed with chlorophyll in my water. Its literally feeds your blood cells, helps with altitude and makes you feel amazing. So, not only did I walk away with unforgettable memories, I came back with a new health addition. Hows your ASPEN? xx kkb

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