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To Post or Not to Post

Hey guys, hey. Welcome to #thesalesmeeting. Today’s sales meeting is an usual one as we are going to talk about the value of social media in real estate.

I created this engaging tag line to use on all of my online content for Warburg Realty. Every week, I posted two videos called #thesalesmeeting and #realestatethursday.

Why did I use social media as my way of connecting with clients instead of traditional email outreach? First, I wanted my friends, family and fan base from television, publishing, and my modeling career to be clued into my world of NEW YORK real estate. Real estate is a very complicated and competitive business. I knew that if I wanted to be successful in this industry, I would have to approach it in a fresh, authentic, and organic way. I have bought apartments, sold apartments, bought land, built a home, and sold a home. And, now it is time to use that experience to guide others as they make decisions about their biggest assets.

I started by strategically applying what I was learning and soon my client list started expanding. I initiated a video sit down with Warburg’s President Clelia Peters, who worked for the Boston Consulting Group before she came back home to Warburg. I met her at a YPO dinner was immediately drawn into her sensibility and innovative mindset.

With my iPhone, we started with informal 45 second chats about the essence and core of real estate. It was refreshing for me to showcase two curious women addressing topics in a clear and concise way. Some of subjects included “What is a buyers market?”, “What are the importance of comps?”, “How do you bridge buyers and sellers?” and “How do you price an apartment in a complicated market?” These subjects may seem simple to insiders, but for those who are interested in a life change, or those who are considering buying or selling, these topics proved to be very valuable and informative.

#Realestatethursday was another one of my social media video tools that I created and co-hosted with my Sales Director, Camille Duvall. This content allowed me to categorize and organize the incredible properties I had first hand access to. We were taken up in hoists to the 80th floor with the Extell Development group, and to seethe the top floor of 685 First Avenue among other new developments. We were even invited to see IMG_NYC’s Cheryl Eisen’s private art studio at their New Jersey warehouse.

I quickly recognized that buyers who are coming from all over the world are using my Instagram and social media as a resource to see what is new in NYC development and what is fresh to the market in the Hamptons. The take away from this sales meeting is that social media is not only an incredible tool to show off your own personal vision, but is also search engine.

My advice: Try to create content where you can not only categorize what you are doing, but also stand out from other brokers and be part of the new real estate narrative.

A tip: If you get enough likes and or comments on your innovative photo or video content, you will end up on the “EXPLORE” page of Instagram.

A fun fact: The impressions from all of the two videos I posted from March to September 2018 exceeded over 1.5 million impressions (not likes, but actual new people whom are not in my reach or realm, but who come up on the explore page. Like-minded content providers or those interested in that kind of content found on INSTAGRAM). So, there is value. How do you quantify it? You can actually sell off your Instagram by linking your properties and listings on your social media. And in my unusual case, since I created fresh innovative content, I have had many sellers all over the world seeking advice about how to sell their second and third properties that are worldwide: Costa Rica, Morocco, Bahamas, and even oil fields. The even better news is that I have been able to include Warburg agents in my posts which shows the strength of my team. Its a brave new world and a brave new market. Don’t be afraid to disrupt the old way of selling. There are no rules. Instead of playing the game, be a game changer.

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