Nantucket vibes

When my daughter Sea and I were invited to Nantucket, we hopped onto the next TRADEWINDS flight from Teterboro airport. Nantucket has so much history, and the landscape is packed with shingle style houses. Wild roses are everywhere, and the scent of privet is intoxicatingly delicious- I need to bottle that smell. Sea and I even saw seals off the coast on our beach walk and just enjoyed biking all over Sconsett. The vacation vibe is in full force on Nantucket. Here are a few of my favorite places to go. GALLEY’s for sunset is amazing and the rose just pours as the sun gently says goodnight. WALTER’S has the best overflowing lobster salads. And for those who aren’t big carb loaders, they will add slices of avocado. The Chicken Box is late night fun. get ready to dance and have fun!i may need to comment more on the lobster salad! Literally, the best lobster salad Ive ever had. Skinnydip is the cutest store on the wharf- I’m also obsessed with the NANTUCKET sweaters they sell-best gift that looks great over a bathing suit, on a boat, or over boyfriend jeans and heels when you get back home. SALT has the best bathing suits on the island. And, Nantucket reds are still the cutest look on both guys and girls. now, lets talk baskets bag. You can get your monogram, name, a saying, a animal etching, or anything you want. If the vintage vibe is what you are looking for, they are available on the island as well. Please make a trip to Nantucket this summer, and send me pictures of yourself eating ice cream or a lobster roll! Ps. Im wearing all Use my discount code kelly30, and, get everything Im wearing.



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