Mexico Must Haves




Viva Valladolid! Not only does this city offer the most breathtaking views, world class dining, and posh hotspots, they also have a thriving group of local designers and artisans all of whom weave their vernacular style into beautiful fashions and accessories. Waking up in this quaint town located in the southern part of the Yucatan Peninsula, is a myriad of aesthetic overload. Beauty is ever present in this small colonial city from the winding roads, to charming boutique hotels clad in stucco and pastels, to the tanned leather goods which you can’t but help to buy… While I was walking to breakfast in the square, I stumbled upon a sandal shop and instantly slipped my flip flops into my bag and strutted around in my new local find! While this is the oldest city in Mexico, it is brimming with new, fresh brands like designer, Hacienda Montaecristo, and Coqui Coqui perfume company, started by former Argentine model, Nicholas Malleville. The fragrances are heavenly! While I loved the secluded hideaway of Holbox, Valladolid captured my heart with it’s urban charm and unique sense of style.




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