Let me tell you about Telluride!

1) Telluride Transfer Warehouse

 While I was there, I went to the Tiger Knuckle pop up art exhibit/installation in the warehouse. The Transfer Warehouse is a historic, roofless center for the Arts. It was built in 1906, the roof caved in during the 70’s, and Telluride Arts District (the local nonprofit arts council here) purchased the space and is raising money to transform the building into a 4-story community Arts center in the heart of Telluride. They’ve restored and stabilized the historic stone walls and plan to build a contemporary art space within the stone exterior. Currently they host concerts, performances, workshops, festival programming, and private events. 

2) Voodoo Studios

Voodoo is the only artist co-working studio space in town. Prime real estate!! There are 9 artists in the space and it has a beautiful view of the mountains. 

Brook Einbender’s Voodoo space is a painting studio and Virtual Reality lab. So fun to escape, paint, and create in virtual reality.   @Mindbender.art www.brookeeinbender.com.

3) Jud Weibe Trail

Incredible in town hike. It’s 2.7 miles long and zig zags through yellow Aspen groves. At the top of the hike, you get a beautiful panoramic view of town. 

4) Gondola Ride

5) Pop up Portraits on Main Street by the Alchemistress

6) Crossbow leather shop (images included in album)

7) Dispensaries

Fun fact there are 5 marijuana dispensaries in the little town of telluride. Delilah’s is the fanciest. 

8) Cosmopolitan Happy Hour, There Bar (small plates and New York quality cocktails), Ghost Town (best avocado toast and matcha in town), Brown Dog Pizza

9) Bike ride on the Valley Floor, surrounded by herds of elk

10) The strong community of the Town of Telluride hired Brandon Berkel (local collage artist) to create Telluride-inspired Covid Art to keep locals and tourists safe. (Images included in album) Here’s the “Keep it Clean” by Brandon Berkel (Instagram: @BrandonBerkel)

12) Camping sites. Two of my favorite camo sites are: Trout lake and Alta lake. 

13)Thirsty?  The Sheridan- some bring their horses bar side.

14)Riding with Roudy was so magical and fun hanging out with a spirited cowboy.

 15)I was so inspired by the gorgeous Telluride Fall Foilage that I named my Enville after the gorgeous Telluride flowers: Yarrow,Baneberry,Hayden,Gilla,

Godder,Western Pearley, and Rock jasmine.

15)Some Music vibes I was loving:

Leon Bridges River 

Henry Green Electric Feel

Dennis Lloyd Nevermind

Love songs: gramatik, flamingosis, esbe, moods, nightmares on wax

More on Brooke Einbender’s Spotify playlist. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0PNZlm4KGpf3xuMtlMMhVZ?si=RUwHg915T46dJWpjQgQiAA

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