This collaboration has been an organic process. I originally had my own slippers covered in mink for a holiday fair at my daughters school. I wanted to create an object that would raise a lot of money. I immediately added a photo to my instagram and had sold a few even before I arrived at the event. I then started making them in colors and was selling the slippers off DM on my instagram. This disruptive retail opportunity got me thinking. I know what women want to wear for they are always commenting on my effortless style. Pologeorgis and I created a collaboration that would do just that. My intention is to dress my favorite women in outerwear they love and that makes a statement. I hope you enjoy my collection. Please DM me for information, and always give me your advice. xx kkb



  •   Camo Printed Fox Patchwork Lined Hooded Parka-
  •   Grey Rex Rabbit Oversized Pullover with Boat Neck-
  •   Navy Double Faced Cashmere Blend with Black Dyed Beaver Peplum Jacket-
  •   Sheared and Grooved Navy Rabbit Peacoat-
  •   Fox Patchwork (Dyed in Blush Tones) Long Vest-
  •   Black Rex Rabbit Shrug-
  •   White Rex Rabbit Shrug-
  •   Black Shearling Lined Everyday Slippers with Brown Fox Trim at Top-
  •   Black Shearling Lined Everyday Slippers with Black Fox Trim at Top-
  •   Leather Sandal Straps with Cork Sole Lined in Mink Fur (available in Dark Brown, Light Brown,Grey, Navy, White, and Blush)-
  •   Rex Rabbit 18×18 Pillows in White, Cream, Blush, and Grey-
  •   Rex Rabbit 48” x 72” Fur Throw in White, Cream, Blush and Grey-

Where else it will be sold:

The items will be sold exclusively on www.pologeorgis.com.
Kelly Killoren Bensimon will have a dedicated tab on the website for En Ville featuring her capsule


How the collaboraton came about:
Kelly was introduced to POLOGEORGIS through her contacts in the fashion world and her dear friend Designer Jill Stuart.

Who is Pologeorgis

POLOGEORGIS is renowned throughout the fashion industry for their excellent craftsmanship and unparalleled quality furs and luxury outerwear. Founded by Stanley Pologeorgis in 1960 the company has been based in New York City for over 50 years. Many of the products are proudly made by hand in the USA.

Since the launch of the first collection with Pierre Balmain in the 70’s, POLOGEORGIS has collaborated with prestigious fashion labels including Michael Kors, Derek Lam, Zac Posen, Zandra Rhodes and most recently Monse.

Sustainability and traceability is of paramount importance to the brand. Nick Pologeorgis personally sources each and every pelt used in their garments and has taken a leadership position in fur manufacturing by using a certified and traceable supply chain.

Pologeorgis is sold in the best boutiques across the world, as well as departments stores including Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman. In addition the line is available at Moda Operandi

In 2015 Pologeorigs.com was launched as an online selling site offering a full line of furs, fur accessories, luxury outerwear as well as home décor.

What exactly is in the envillexpologeorgis capsule?

En Ville (meaning “in town” in French) is the first collaboration of Kelly Killoren Bensimon and POLOGEORGIS. The idea for her outerwear and embellished footwear capsule collection grew as an extension of her effortless style and active lifestyle. As a successful entrepreneur and mother of two girls, she found herself gravitating towards an outdoor slipper that could be worn anywhere from Soul Cycle to work meetings, the horse barn, and cocktails. The outerwear collection was a natural progression as she is known to complete her signature look with a statement jacket. This collaborative capsule collection is near and dear to her heart as she had the opportunity to create pieces that reflect her own individual style. From effortless shapes to timeless pieces, from a Jackie Onassis inspired pea coat, a cozy fur-lined raincoat, and an animal printed shearling coat.










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