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HAPPY belated 4th of July. My girls and I used to go to the ‘fireworkings’ together, but now as they are both college age, I am off to vacation destinations that I never ever knew were possible. I literally texted and facetimed with my girls to come and join me, because I didn’t want to leave Gurneys Resorts on Star Island on Lake Montauk. Adult vacations at Gurneys Resorts are fueled with rose all day, yoga on paddle boards with Corey’s wave and yoga instructor Alexis Miller, and paddle boarding all around the most amazing sailboats. There is even a Soulcycle that is packed with sweaty gorgeous beach goers and the coolest athleisure merch-for those who need a workout. My friends came over to join me at Star Island in their Shelter Island Runabout 38 (one of Billy Joel’s amazing additions to Hamptons yacht life), and we had the best time with yoga party tricks which include headstands on both the paddle board and the the sand. If the athletic fun isn’t enough for you, the whole boating vibe is so refreshing and nautical. Everyone is walking around the property with their kids, eating ice cream, and enjoying the holiday festivities. On the ocean side, Gurney’s resorts has the incredible incredible Italian restaurant, Scarpetta, and a beach vibe that is so festive and fun. I even bought a double breasted towel blazer from Baskpoolside and sipped on some Whispering Angel rose in between dips in the warm ocean. At night time, the vibe in Montauk is whatever you want it to be. The Harvest and Crows Nest have great seafood, the Surf Lodge has one of my favorite seafood towers ( and the best shopping at Surf Bazaar), and the the coolest music scene in the Hamptons. John’s ice cream is one of my favorite haunts, and The Hideaway has hands down the best Mexican in the Hamptons. Duryea’s for sunset is the best place to be and the lobster salad makes me literally salivate. Thank you Montauk and Gurneys Resorts for having me for the holiday weekend. I had the best time with all of my new friends, and truth be told, I honestly thinner after my rose all day seafood platter diet holiday weekend. I may have something here…



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