Autumn on the East End

Everyone always associates the Hamptons with the summertime. And while it is true that the sandy beaches, ocean beaches, and sun kissed faces are all incredibly enchanting, fall on the East End is just as alluring… From the crisp fresh air, richly toned leaves, cashmere cable knits, and farm stands overflowing with pumpkins and mums, post autumnal-equinox Hamptons is an array of visual pleasures and activity! To relieve my post summertime sadness, I headed out to the Hamptons this weekend and had the most wonderful time riding my horse at Campbell Stables in Water Mill, NY. Then I brushed off my breeches and headed over to East Hampton to sit for a portrait with the incredible artist, Nick Weber. Not only was it incredible to see Nick’s studio, but I was feeling quite gorgeous being painted by such an astounding talent. Kind of like Titanic, without the nudity! Nature is truly the best medicine and I highly recommend everyone take a minute to unplug and clear your head, it’s my ultimate must for maintaining health, wellness, and beauty! xx Kkb






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