It’s RAWRING 2020!! Happy and Healthy JANUARY  is all about the reboot. I can make you HOT (healthy options today). I would know, I wrote the book! 

I can make you HOT, healthy, but more importantly happy. Yes, I can make you happy. In a world of: I’m going to this when…, I’m going to be happy when…, and I’m going to go on diet and then… I want you to focus on every minute of every day. We cant erase yesterday; it happened. We cant stop someone’s negativity, and we cant make excuses for that which we can change. We only have one life- lets make this one count. There actually is a big secret to why I look the way I do at 51 years old. Do you want to know it?

1.My face is growing old gracefully 

2.I’m not starving myself

3.My heart isn’t clouded by negativity

4.I make an effort to thank others, to be gracious, and to be a positive as possible. 

5. I see everything for what it truly is.

6. I CONTROL the way I communicate. I make concerted choices to be positive- this is huge. Don’t be the negative friend no one wants to be around. Be the proactive friend who makes it happen.

7. One of my best friends taught me to put my “safety belt on first.” These words literally changed my mindset. I began reminding myself that I can’t help others, if I don’t take care of myself, FIRST. 

For the next 31 days, we are to going to do this together. We are going to take care of ourselves- one day at a time, one meal at a time. If you dont start to feel like the best version of you, then I haven’t done my job. Let’s Get HOT together, and channel our inner SUPERMODEL.


-Put your safety belt on first

-Chase a healthy lifestyle, like you do a hot guy/girl

-Dont overdo- Listen to your body!

-Get spicy. Bland food does make you fat, period.

– Create a food uniform like you have a work uniform- you know what you need to wear for work everyday, create the same rules to how you eat. I typically eat the same things during the week-it keeps me energized, and in a good mood. People who don’t eat well are GRUMPY, angry, and nasty. Period. 

-Commit to the Supermodel diet with a friend

-Write down what you actually ate everyday

-Beware of carbonated drinks-they can be bloating


-Put your safety belt on FIRST. Protect you! 

-Don’t food shop when you are hungry- but do look good when you food shop: cute girls and guys are always at Whole Foods. 

-Dont think of alcohol as a best friend, think of it as an acquaintance – you dont need to drink, you can drink- it’s different. 

-Recognize how your body wants to be, not how you want your body to be. Our goal is to be healthFUL and Happier- not skinny.

-Dont eat in bed, unless you are sick. Make a effort to dine, set a placemat, make an effort to enjoy. Guys, this is your life. If you want to be treated like a KING/Queen- act like one! 


This diet is a 3 day diet, but we are expanding it to 31 days to celebrate the Roaring Twenties with only brown rice as carbohydrates.

NO: oil, processed sugar, nuts, salt, caffeine, or DAIRY

NO: carbohydrates only BROWN RICE

YES: ONE glass of wine/beer a night. Remember, I want you to feel and look beautiful, and reboot your body with new habits/routines.

YES: You CAN eat bananas, avocados, fish, meat, beans, and all vegetables 

The specific diet is:

-Whatever fruit in the morning

-8-10 glasses of water a day (hydration is huge- do not overhydrate)

-Brown rice and vegetables of your choice at lunch 

– Protein and vegetable of your choice for dinner. 

There is no snacking. You don’t need snacks if you are eating 3 meals a day. 

Think about this:

– portion control (switch your plates from dinner plates to salad plates)

-no eating after 8pm. 

-sit down to eat, no standing

-chew your food

-control your bite size

-brush your teeth after every meal

-limit exercise (You can do your normal exercise routine, but be mindful that you will be burning as lot of calories by not eating sugar/oil/or carbs) Try a ballet class, yoga, and or lengthening class like pilates. Try something new!

2020 Vision:

Always make and effort. Do it for yourself. Taking care of yourself isnt selfish. You cannot help others if you dont help yourself. Pretend every day like you are making your own VOGUE beauty video, and take care of yourself. The supermodel diet isn’t just about your weight and insides, it’s about your outside appearance, too. I want you rested, relaxed, nurtured and nourished. 

Take 5 minutes to put on mascara, or a little coral blush (add higher on cheek bone for a more youthful look), and if you are a guy, get a haircut, buy a new teeshirt, and use charcoal and brighten your smile. You will never feel better. Sometimes the littles efforts make the bigger difference.

I want you to feel good and to have fun, and be HAPPIER!!!!

Happy January, guys


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