Welcome to the SUPERMODEL DIET DAY 22.

We’ve spent 22 days together on the SUPERMODEL DIET designed by me in my book I CAN MAKE YOU HOT (healthy options today) by St Martins Press; and yes I can. I can make you HOT!

Tummy fat? Go on the SUPERMODEL DIET
Cellulite? Go on the SUPERMODEL DIET

NO Caffeine, no oil, no sugar, no diary
YES Cinnamon and red pepper flakes
YES avocado
YES bananas
ALL Vegetables
ALL fruit
ALL protein
Only brown rice

The diet is basically food combining. Proteins with vegetables; carbs with vegetables; fruit alone. You will eat more, and you will have more energy, and you will feel good about yourself.
You will have healthy bowel movements
You will see results quickly.
Your body will like you more, too!

Kelly Killoren Bensimon’s SUPERMODEL DIET:

Fruit of your choice and a herbal tea
Please eat your vitamins, and take a hair and nail vitamin to promote healthy and beautiful hair and nail growth. I drink a glass of chlorophyll drops with water.

Brown rice an vegetables. Warm/cold

Protein of your choice and vegetables

“My abs are popping and I have done minimal exercise. I have been floored.”

“Thank you Kelly for changing my life!! When I started the diet with the book and  a wishful prayer, I had no idea how everything was going to change for the better.’

“I had no idea how much food could make you feel better. I’m making better choices, spending more time with my family and having fun!’

Send me your DM’s on Instagram @kellybensimon.
I cant wait to hear how good you feel.

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