U.S. Open Style






U.S. Open Style: To kick off Fall, the U.S. Open takes over New York City! To celebrate, pull out your crispest white polo shirt and most worn-in baseball cap (Tip: Best way to fade a new baseball hat is to leave it in the sun, or if seaside, dip in the salt water and let it FADE!) and dress for the courts, whether playing a game of doubles or sipping cocktails court side. I love to play tennis, and while I’m no Serena Williams, I enjoy flexing my backhand in the summer sun. The parties that kick off the epic summer closer are epic and running into Roger Federer doesn’t hurt! I’ve been playing tennis for the lexicon of my life, and ironically enough, I modeled for legendary Tennis brand, Lacoste, during my modeling days! Renee Lacoste was the most celebrated tennis player of his time and his eponymous line is still favored by pros and leisure players as well! This year, I am specifically routing for Marcel Granrollers! Best of luck this weekend! Kkb


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