Traditionally Un-traditonal for Fall 15

As the former Editor of Elle Accessories, I alway fall into Fall coveting and searching for the latest handbags.

Sometimes the handbags that I dream of buying may not be exactly what you think of as perfect for everyday, but in my handbag dream world, there is nothing more chic than carrying a pale pink Tom Ford bag or a an embossed croc one by Givenchy.
I do have my go to Chloe Equestrian inspired cross body but traditionally, I am untraditional.
At night I like to carry the smallest bag possible. And for this Fall I need a shoulder strap for I have a lot to do with my hands.
When it comes to shoes, even though faux-fur and shoes respelmbling paws are the impulse buy, I am going to keep it sleek and sexy with a mini boot from YSL and embrace my girlish charm with Valentino and his grommets.
Send me your Fall faves as I want to see whats on your hit list too! The take away is KISS; keep it simple stupid.
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