Surveillance Society

It is difficult not to feel pressure to post on social media in order to appeal to your followers, it may even be impossible. On these platforms we share only what we want others to see. We create accounts that cater towards our ideal online image, or what we want our followers to know about us. We open ourselves up to receive support but also sometimes, intense scrutiny. What we post on Instagram says a lot about who we are.

These days I find myself drawn to sharing real estate and aspirational lifestyle content. I want to show my followers this specific and interesting part of my life, although I have many other things going on. The whole process becomes increasing more confusing when you take into account business opportunities. As someone who sells real estate in real life, I have found that using Instagram to share my listings places me ahead in the field. My audience is expanded exponentially, I am no longer confined to the smaller real estate world, plus I am able to share these amazing listings and content with all my followers. It is always interesting to see what people are sharing these days, and to remember that everyone has some sort of filter before they post. What makes something important in our lives, and how important to us are the things we share online?

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