pop of color

Yes, accessories will change your Summer vibe. Even when you are hopping into the car to go to your nearest exercise class, a cool handbag will make on lookers say,”Who’s that girl.” It’s all in the details, and all in the effort. Make time to make yourself feel good. This week, as I take Sea to Mississippi to go ‘Back to School,’ Im bringing a few key accessories to make me feel a little bougie. Yes, I have two volumes on line and completely offline. Recently, my oldest daughter has been shopping my closet and that which has just been sitting in my closet decorating my walls is now worth a lot more because she likes it! TAKEAWAY: have fun with accessories and pop some color to brighten your day. Here are a few of my favorite accessories available on madaluxevault.com and use my code kellyvault10!!! xx kkb

Channel your inner tiger with Balenciaga.
When your Fendi watch is a bracelet.
FENDI’s cobalt blue vibes…
Pink is the color of Summer and Fall 2019. This is a fun wallet from Alexander McQueen
Pop of Color with Alexander McQueen
Obsessed with this Chloe handbag

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