Oversized Obsession

Oversized Obsession: Trend spotting is one of my favorite pastimes to indulge in during #NYFW Other than providing an insight into what’s to come in terms of style, I often find that trends can say a lot about where our culture stands at any given point in time. For example, the glitz, glamour, and flamboyant styles of the 80s directly correlated to the economic flourishing of the time. In our present time, there seems to be a bit of uncertainty, so style seems to be less exact. Hemlines are anything goes, colors run askew, and proportions can happen at random. The result this season is oversized tops paired with slim fitting pants. A look that has been seen from designers like Balenciaga and Libertine. And, while Alexander Wang lost major points in my book for having editors and celebs wait outside for hours at his show #wangfest, he redeemed himself by showing this years oversized trend to perfection. While I can totally see myself rocking this trend with leggings or leather skinnies, I’m not so sure if this fleeting style has staying power, so enjoy it while you can! In terms of what this trend might be saying about our contemporary culture, maybe it’s the fact that many people hide behind their social media and this tented tee look leaves everything to the imagination! Just a thought… Kkb






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