Overall Overhaul

Overall Overhaul: October is my overall overhaul, pun intended. This month for me, is all about grass roots priorities and getting organized! As I said in my novel, A Dangerous Age, “September goes off like a shotgun.” And yes, we had fun at Fashion Week, but now it’s time to fall into fall and embrace real life and Indian summer! I was looking for overalls before heading off to the Hamptons to film my UsWeekly travel series, Travel With Us, but couldn’t track down the right pair! I happened to walk into The Polo Store on Spring Street in Soho, and saw the last pair of overalls they had in stock! I tried them on, and what I thought would be strictly utilitarian was actually quite sexy! Well, I haven’t quite taken them off since. I have layered under them everything from an 80s style one shoulder lycra top by Theory, to a bodysuit by Yummie Tummie! You may even see me walking around this afternoon rocking my onesie with heels on! But for now, I’m keep it causal with ballet flats by Repetto. In colder weather, a flannel wrapped around the waist can add a touch of grunge, but do yourself a favor and keep your under layer skin tight to keep a peek of sexy silhouette. You never know who you may run into, even in overalls! Kkb

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