Oscars, 2019

Kkb Super Highlights

My daughter Sea and I nestled in and watched the Oscars. She ate hummus and carrots and I ate Soho Thai broccoli and tofu. Fluffy had dog treats. Girls Night In.

Can we start the opening and my favorite women of all time SNL queens: Tina Fay, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph. Kristen Wiig I missed you up there!

Melissa McCarthy’s rabbit and costume showed us that her sense of humor ie otherworldly. I love HER!

Then the jewels. Lady’ Gaga’s yellow diamond from Tiffany’s was so Hollywood glamour, and her ode to Bradley Cooper showed us what love and admiration looks like.

And we can leave out ‘Shallow’ producer Mark Robson’s beautiful words about Lady Gaga. What an incredible friend and gracious producer!

Had to love my KNICKs win shout out for my favorite Knick fan Spike Lee!!!

Jlo and Arod in Tom Ford- no words.

Sweetest love story with Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa. I love how heloves her, and how she protects him. And the kind nod to the late CHANEL and Fendi designer, Karl Lagerfeld, was effortless.

Rami Malik’s beautiful words to his girlfriend and fellow actor Lucy Boynton from Bohemian Rhapsody made every girl on the Bumble app, cry.

Thank YOU Oscars for an incredible night.



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