OSCARS 2018 was an epic one. I literally couldn’t wait for the pregame show to start and to see what was happening off the red carpet and in the theatre. The biggest takeaway from the night for me was the amazing and well rehearsed speech by Allison Janney. Her performance in ITONYA was so powerful. and I admire how much light was brought to the other side of the story. Allison was so well spoken and was so proud to receive the award. Her enthusiasm was infectious and even made me want to start acting again. She just brought so much integrity to the craft on the big screen and on our television screens on Oscar night. And if that wasn’t the showstopper, the night was even more fueled with incredible amounts of FEMALE love. Actresses emoted serious red carpet STARDOM. Here are my favorite looks from the night. Please give a special shout out to the new blonde beauty Giuliana Rancic. G! you look gorgeous!!!!

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