BRING THE OUTSIDE INSIDE. Start the New Year with a few fun tips from some of the most prominent icons in interior design.

1. Expose your wood. Cabinets in worm wood and exposed ceiling planks create a new warm vibe that is modern and organic


2. Fake flowers no more.  Replace your fake flowers with a new look of branchs in clear vases- pussywillows are my favorite in mercury glass.

3. Stay cozy. We’ve had enough of being sick- let’s warm up 2022 real and faux shearling throws over chairs and on the floors. Head to my marketplace for some great faux options. 


4. Shine bright like a diamond. Make your room sparkle with an oversized chandelier or light feature. Light can change a rooms feel in one flick of the switch. Use dimmers for romantic lights and tell Alexa, ‘turn on the living room light and put on some Al Green. Level 4.’

5. Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who needs their room to look bigger? Mirrors are the best trick in the book. One massive wall of a great vintage mirror or have any old mirror framed with white to have the frame disappear.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s West Village townhouse | @archdiest | click here to read article

I hope you guys are inspired by my 2022 Inspirations. Let’s get this year started! Please send me how you incorporate my ideas into your home. I love to see how you live.

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