Nighttime still gets my attention. I force my girls to wear pajamas versus the typical big teeshirt to bed. And, I have a confession. I also wash my feet off before I get into bed. Call me kookoo, but clean feet is big deal breaker for me. We just don’t realize what we track into these New York City apartments. I digress. Lets get back to the nighttime wear. It makes me happy getting into bed and flipping through a few of my Florida Real Estate flash cards. This test is honestly one of the hardest tests Ive ever prepared to take. So, Fluff is my tutor companion, but gets easily distracted! Fluff, you focus needs more focus.

A quick side note, these cotton dresses aren’t only for the nighttime! They look great on the beach or over a pair of jeans, OR under a big sweater. Easy summer beach vibes.

Show me how you are wearing your cotton dresses.

My discount code is Kelly20


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