Super Model Diet

We all survived Santa Con. Have to admit, I love a reason to dress up, but sloppy Santa doesn’t bring a smile to anyone’s face. 🙁 Enough of the editorializing, let’s get started. It’s the holiday season, and I have a few gifts that you MUST have under your tree. You’ve seen that I love what’s inside the vault as in (you must use my code kellyvault10), and my candle obsession with www.THOMPSONFERRIER.COM (please use my code kellyb20), my favorite skincare (code kelly20), (kelly30) insane leather motorcycle jackets, Sur la Plage from, and of course my collaboration with called “EnVille”- everyone wants to look like they are “in town” with that local lifestyle vibe Now, here’s a few goodies I didn’t add. I’m obsessed with the and the candy that comes oozing out of it, and while we are talking candy, please order one of OPRAH Winfrey’s favorite cake bites from (please use my code kelly10. Now, let’s talk Monogram. I love the camo monogram coats from they are so cool, unique, and a good price. If you are looking for a great holiday read, THE SECOND COURSE is an insider’s view of the food world.. and A DANGEROUS AGE talks about the real insiders view into the art and publishing world. That’s all I have guys, stay tuned on my instagram and keep your eyes peeled for my 30 Day diet in JANUARY for a SUPERMODEL body- we all have our inner supermodel in us, lets FIND her! HAPPPPY HOLIDAYSSSS. Xxx kkb

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