For The Love of Libertine

Certain fashion brands have “IT,” and while it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what IT is, megawatt, superstar beloved fashion brand, Libertine, certainly has IT. With front rows packed with celebs such as Anna Wintour and Naomi Watts, this relatively new fashion brands has made intrinsic impact for the past few fashion weeks. With bold patterns, pattern play, and an unapologetically bold aesthetic, Libertine makes street style sexy. While the over all appearance of some catwalk looks might wax theatrical, seamless silhouettes and expertly executed tailoring are the real showstoppers. While Libertine is certainly not for the faint of heart, fashion is, at the end of the day, art. So in that spirit, Warhol, Schnabel, and Damien Hirst may want to watch their backs… Libertine is set out for a takeover. xx Kkb






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