Embrace your inner flower child this Summer and rock florals on florals on florals. When experimenting on how to decorate your wardrobe this summer, look no further than out the window. Flower power is the ultimate trend that is timeless and girly. When dressing for perhaps, a summer garden party, opt for a flirty frock with multicolored small scale floral motifs. When heading out for dinner or a night out and about in the Hamps, pull out all the stops with a larger scale floral dress (form fitting for the win) with a black background. It’s like the little black dress meets little bo-peep. Flowers, of course add a dash of pretty to not just your wardrobe, but to your home as well. Even if you don’t have a “cutting garden,” in the spirit of Town & Country #goals, stop by your local grocery store and pick up a fresh bouquet. White roses are classic and elegant but may be a bit stuffy for a casual summer. Hydrangeas are happy and homey! #FlowerPower xx Kkb

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