Age of Aquarius


Coucou KKBLovers, I have an important weather update for you: thunder only happens when it’s raining. Today it’s raining in New York, and the wet concrete holds promises of spring romance and rebirth. I’ve got Stevie Nicks on my mind. Yep, players only love you when they’re playing.

Coming off of Coachella, I’m feeling the influence of modern-day boho vibes that draw their inspiration from 70’s flower child style, when love was free and hair flowed like Ciroc at a P Diddy party. Come to think of it, we’re sort of right in the middle of a return to 70’s mentality and style: the man bun is the most popular hairstyle for men at the moment, marijuana is legal in several states, and women are asserting themselves to define feminism in new and bold ways.

The other day I was channeling my inner Woodstock chick in Haute Hippie. This spring, travel back to the Age of Aquarius with sheer fabrics, duster coats, and fringe details. Compliment these effortless looks with soft, wavy hair. Can you dig it?





Look 1: Suede and Lace Trench & Ponte Pants with Lacing,  Look 2: Suede and Fringe Vest & Military Snake Maxi Skirt, Look 3: Floral Embroidered Mesh Cloak & Fitted Tuxedo Pant (All Haute Hippie). Shoes by Charlie by MZ.

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