So, one Spring, I was in St.Barths (known as SBH) and pregnant as a little cowcow. I had just taken a test to make sure my second baby was healthy. I was 32. 

The test came back.

I didn’t know the results, but my ex-husband insisted my mom and I stay in SBH for another week.

One of my friends who were on vacation at the same time invited us on the Talitha G. Yes, one of the chicest boats ever made for my favorite icon Talitha Getty. 

The tender was incredible — an all-wood Riva. All I needed was a scarf over my head and big sunglasses, and I would have been camera ready.

We entered the boat and a full staff greeted us with Below Deck style excellence. 

I had to use the restroom every second as every pregnant woman does. #pregnancyproblems

I found myself in the chicest green-marbled bathroom. The door locked and I couldn’t get out. 

So, I sat on the toilet and banged on the door. At first, I was nervous — until I became mesmerized by the tile and the veins. All the veins matched. 

I later learned, when I was redoing my bathroom, the luxury of full slabs and veined marble that matches. 

Cut to 2023.

Teddy and I were invited to Stratton VT. I was so in awe of the charm of VT, I began dissecting it — as I do with all interiors and aesthetics. Marble was everywhere: columns, bathrooms, floors. Everything was marble.

So now you ask about the test.

It was positive that my daughter was going to be ill. I retested upon returning home, and it came back negative.

My daughter is happy and healthy, and I have a unique obsession with marble.

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